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You may buy any Anti-Virus, but if a virus gets through, unless you understand the Anti-Virus software, you probably won't be able to remove it. What you need is a helping hand from a Computer Cyber Security Expert, to remove the virus or malware.

We can help remove the viruses from your machine and get you back operational, having vast experience as a Cyber Security Expert for many companies
  • Virus removal is one of our specialities. We can provide you a method of recovering your machine and it's data, this will cost £60 per hour remotely, usually takes one hour, over a couple of hours. We will also ensure you have safeguards in place to stop this happening again and recommendations on what to look for, so you know when you have a problem..
  • If your data has been damage by the virus, we can help attempt to recover it, but there is no guarantee, always ensure you have backups of your important information.
  • If you suffer from Malware or Spyware, we can again help you remove these items, that can steal and pass on your information or just play tricks on your machine. Anti-spyware should be employed.
  • If you have lots of Spam we can help you find out where it's coming from and try to stop it occurring, in the first place. Or just provide free solution to Spam. You can obtain anti-spam systems, or use built-in systems to your email software or even your ISP may have filters.
Here is a list of some of the available anti-virus products

Microsoft Security Essentials
Trend Micro

Here is a list of Anti-Spy/Malware software

Search and Destroy

This list does not include all the products available, just some of the more common tools.

We do recommend the use of Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials, to ensure your safety on the web.

You should also have a firewall enabled. You should also keep good backups of your data.

Other services

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Providing data recovery, when things go wrong

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From Microsoft, Apple or Linux servers, we support them all, from single to multi-domain infrastructure, we are here to help


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