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Optical Storage - External DVD-RW

LiteOn ES1-01 Black Ultra Slim USB 2.0 External Optical Drive
Manufacturer : LITE-ON
Manufacturer Part Code : ES1-01

Category : Optical Storage - External DVD-RW
Weight: 0.15
Price : £ 26.25 + £ 5.20 Postage per Order (UK)

Items : 37
Updated : 26-09-2020 13:09:56

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The world's lightest drive! Weighing less than 220 grams,the ES1 is the perfect DVD burner to match a small or ultra-light notebook Highly compact Only 13.5mm high and a compact 139mm by 139.5mm it's about the size of a thick CD case, making it very easy to carry AC Adaptor Free Conveniently powered directly by the USB port, there's no need to carry bulky adapters or power cords Modern,stylish design Elegant curves and simple lines with a fingerprint resistant matte surface treatment. Plug and play simplicity Just connect and use with all major operating systems including Windows OS,Linux OS,and MACOS Smart-Burn to maximize writing quality Automatically adjusts how each disc is written to ensure the best possible quality every time you burn a disc Smart-X optimized read speed Selects the perfect read speed to give you the best read quality and quickest operation for the task

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Optical Storage - External DVD-RW

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  1. Optical Storage - External DVD-RW
    Hitachi-LG GP60NB60 8x DVD-RW USB 2.0 Black Slim External Optical Drive

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