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Mobile Spares Replacement Screen

Apple iPad Air Digitizer Assembly White
Manufacturer : White Label
Manufacturer Part Code : MSTAR-NWIPADAIRW

Category : Mobile Spares Replacement Screen
Weight: 0.2
Price : £ 15.95 + £ 5.20 Postage per Order (UK)

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Updated : 19-06-2021 08:06:58

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What is a Digitizer?The Digitizer is the touch panel that sits over the LCD screen of a tablet. The digitizers job is to detect and map your fingers movements across the screen and lets the device know where your finger is.The digitizer panel is a clear panel, usually bonded underneath or inside the front glass or plastic the sits on top of the LCD, they rarely malfunction but are very susceptible to impact damage, scratches and cracksCommon faults / issues with digitizers include:Touch panel no longer responding - if you can see the picture ok but the device is not responding to touchTouching the panel causes unexpected or erratic movements - this will require a replacement digitizer or re-calibration is available on the deviceImpact damage - glass digitizers are very easily damaged, generally the will crack or shatter - depending on the extent of the damage it may still work but in not advisable due to safetyScratches - plastic digitizers are very susceptible to scratches, several light scratches build up making the phone look tatty and harder to viewAs the digitizer panel sits directly above the LCD panel some impact damage can also cause damage to the LCD.The general rule is that if the screen is cracked but the picture device is displaying a picture as normal you will just need to replace the digitizer.Product DescriptionPart:Apple iPad 2 replacement digitizer / touch screen glass - BlackDigitizer electronics and cable - OEMGlass panel aftermarket (Made to Apple specifications)CompatibilityApple iPad Air(aka iPad Air 1)A1474 (Wi-Fi)A1475 (cellular)Mid-size screen (9.7in). Lightning port. Available in black or white. Retina display. Introduced November 2013.Warranty: 12 Months

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