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Consumables - CD Media

Philips CD-R Recordable 52X 10PK Spindle
Manufacturer : PHILIPS
Manufacturer Part Code : PHOC801052SP

Category : Consumables - CD Media
Weight: 0.2
Price : £ 7.02 + £ 5.20 Postage per Order (UK)

Items : 16
Updated : 28-11-2020 08:11:02

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Philips CD-R recording media is the perfect everyday solution for recording in computer CD and DVD drives, because it offers broad compatibility with hardware brands and models. With 700MB capacity, each Philips CD-R can store up to 80 minutes of non-compressed, CD-quality music, hundreds of digital photos or large data files. These high performance discs can be played in most CD or DVD/CD players, computer drives, and game consoles. CD-R media is write-once, meaning it can be fully recorded once and played repeatedly.For certified performance and reliability, Philips CD-R media is formulated, manufactured and tested to the world's highest standards. Key Features: Philips CD-R Recordable CDs, Pack of 10 Manufacturer Philips Type CD-R Recordable CDs Write speed 52X Capacity 700MB Light-Scribe No Package Spindle Other Information Philips CD-R Recordable CDs, Pack of 10 PH0C801052SP

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Consumables - CD Media
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  1. Consumables - CD Media
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