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Cleaning Products Cloths

Colorway Large Microfiber Cleaning Wipe for Screens and Electronics
Manufacturer : COLORWAY
Manufacturer Part Code : CW-6130

Category : Cleaning Products Cloths
Weight: 0.048
Price : £ 6.00 + £ 5.20 Postage per Order (UK)

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Updated : 23-11-2020 16:11:29

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The unique Microfiber combines up-to-date materials and innovative technology of ultra-dense weaving. High stretchability provides maximum wiping, allowing easy removal of grease, stains, finger prints and dirt from glass and plastic surfaces, even without cleaning liquid usage. For application, gently wipe a dirty surface with a clean tissue. Attention! Heavily polluted tissue can damage the surface. Wash with soap or mild detergents without conditioning and bleaching agents at temperatures up to 30C. Do not iron, do not dry on radiators. The complete set: a microfiber tissue 3030m Use - Universal wipes - TV - Monitors and screens - Smartphones and tablets - Glasses and glass surfaces Composition Silicone Microfiber Wipe 30x30cm

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  1. Cleaning Products Cloths
    AF Recyclable Anti-Bacterial Sanitising Screen Wipes - Tub of 60

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