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Bullguard Internet Security 2020 Retail 10 Pack - 10 x 3 User Licences - 1 Year - Pack, PC, Mac & Android
Manufacturer : BULLGUARD
Manufacturer Part Code : BG2012

Category : Anti-Virus
Weight: 0.2500 kg
Price : £ 243.38 + £ 5.20 Postage per Order (UK)

Items : 6
Updated : 06-06-2020 05:06:48

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Powerful online protection consistently ranked the best

BullGuard Internet Security is consistently ranked the best protection against all types of malware including ransomware and newly released variants which are normally difficult to detect.
  • Protects your PCs, Macs and Android devices with one single license
  • Robust, layered protection against all forms of viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats
  • Potent firewall that protects you against network attacks and keeps out intruders 
  • Powerful Parental Control helps to protect kids from cyberbullying and predators

Here's what's new in 2020

A constant cycle of innovation is a feature of BullGuard products to ensure the latest in cutting-edge cyber security and best levels of protection are available to our partners and customers. 
As a result, a raft of innovations has been released today in the 2020 version.

Machine learning
An advanced machine learning engine, based on a complex learning model, uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to analyse over 100 attributes of a file, to root out and neutralise zero day malware.
Secure browsing 
A custom built browser that protects against browser hijacking, man-in-the-browser, rootkits, process injection and remote control attacks and also blocks malicious extensions and plugins. It makes shopping and buying online much safer.

Plus; not forgetting these great features:
Parental Control
Discreet Parental Control blocks access to suspicious websites and applications and ensures children don’t access inappropriate content, keeping them safe online. It allows users to restrict Internet time and helps them check their kids’ online habits.

Game Booster
Total protection with no interruptions and faster game play – proven! Award-winning gaming rig builder ChillBlast tested the performance of Internet Security from BullGuard, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG and Windows. Not only did BullGuard come out on top, but our Game Booster made game play even faster than a system with no antivirus installed.

Get the BullGuard Advantage                                         25% revenue share plus much more!

1. Award-winning consumer products, designed for home users
2. Industry-leading profit margins
3. 25%+ Revenue share on all license renewals for the life of the product
4. Expert 24/7 support for you and your customers
5. Free In Store Support, POS and product information
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  • Licence Quantity: 10
  • Users: 3
  • Licence Length: 1 Year
  • Licence Pricing: Retail
  • #Hide#Physical Product: Yes
  • Media: Licence Key
  • Platforms Supported: Windows
  • #Hide#Windows Support: Yes (Windows)
  • #Hide#macOS Support: Yes (macOS)
  • #Hide#Android Support: Yes (Android)
  • Online Backup: -
  • Features: See Overview
  • Package Weight: 0.2500 kg

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