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Dalnaspidal - IT Technical Remote Computer Support Service

Support when you need IT.

When you get stuck and don't know what to do, we're here for you.

We are here to help, we have the skills, knowledge and experience you are looking for to solve your problems, click on the contact form to the left and let us know how we can help you or try our new forum or give us a ring, we will phone you back, to keep your call costs down.

Now we can not only provide unrivalled remote support, better than most on-site engineers.

One time Computer Support Service,Home Computer Support ServiceSmall Business Computer Support Service or Corporate Business also Cyber Security from a Cyber Security Expert, check out your broadband speed and IT Infrastructure Solutions

For the quickest solution in town, ring us on a local number and we also run a no fix no fee service, so the only thing you lose is a bit of time and gain some good advise.

We also provide the following services:-
Tech Talk where we talk to your service providers for you
Remote Virus removal
Data Recovery
Cyber Security

You can benefit from our technical computer support standard services, quick and easy to use. You can phone 07812 587233 and we will even phone you back, to save you money.

We normally provide remote support, whenever, wherever you are, but in the BH area, we can provide on-site support as well.

Remote support can save money, time and add security.
We also promote good computing practices such as backing up your data regularly and checking the status of your hard drive.

We can also help with training, directly on your own machine, even just for that quick problem, that would take hours to solve.

Leave your comments and enjoy your time on our site.

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Looking for Computer Support Dalnaspidal or Cyber Security Expert Dalnaspidal? Do you need computer pc repair? Do you have a computer or a smartphone? Need IT support? Even if you can\'t get a connection to the internet!

From home computers and hand-held devices, including Apple support,Android support, Windows Mobile support and Blackberry support through to Multi-site Domain infrastructure.

We provide server support and applications such as Lotus Notes and Domino Server Support or Content Creator Technical Support and Microsoft Exchange Support in Dalnaspidal.

We provide remote PC support service in Dalnaspidal for the following:-

Microsoft Windows 98, XP, Vista support, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 2000, 2003, 2008

Apple Mac support, yes we can help you with your OS9 or OS X Mac,Tablet or iPhone support, we can show you the hidden machine in-side

We also provide Linux support, we can help you make a start or show you features of this alternative to Windows. Whichever Linux Distribution you have, we can help support it. Which also includes all your Android based phones.

We also support virtual computing, like VMWare, VirtualBox, giving you more power in your computing.

We can provide on-site technical support in the Dalnaspidal region, although 98% of problems can be solved remotely, without the need to have someone coming round to your home, increasing your personnel security.

We can act as your IT support company, as large organisations have their own IT department, we could be yours. Preventative maintenance services will save time and effort in the future, when things go wrong.
.\nProviding computer & it tech support, servicing and computer repair Dalnaspidal

No contract rates :

Remote support £60 per hour charged at 15 minute intervals
Home Computer On-site £120 per hour
Home/Office Tele-Worker Computer On-site £120 per hour
Business User £80 per hour

Monthly Contract Remote Support

Home Computer Support £15 per month
Small Business Computer Support £25 per machine per month
Business Computer Support £35 per machine per month, includes site visits
Extra time is charged during the month at the same amount per extra hour. i.e. Home Computer Support extra time would cost £15 per hour. Such as installing that new printer or mobile, etc.

We are based in Bournemouth, we can travel to your site, at a charge of £30 per hour, first hour free


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