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<p>Over the years we have been able to help and produce many different and interesting projects, on behalf of clients. Here are some recently works, that we have helped with and provide continued support to:-<br /> </p> <h2>Books</h2> <p><br /> Bizarre series by Barney Higgins<br />An extravaganza of fetish. An unspeakable chronicle for hardened, sophisticated people of a certain age.<br /> <a href=""><img title="Bizarre Life" src="images/Bizarre Life.jpg" alt="Bizarre Life" width="10%" height="10%" /><br />Bizarre Life</a><br /><br /><br /><br /></p> <h2>Video<br /> <br /> Video production for GET Designs:- <a href="">The Peregrine SSP and the GET Trim Reaper Prototype</a><br /> Also now on <a href="" target="_new">Patreon</a> too and a <a href="" target="_new">YouTube</a> channel. <br /> If you have something you would like to help you promote, please get in contact, using the form on the left</h2>


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