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If you run your company and get involved with computer problems, your probably, not doing the business you should. This is where 1st Line Support comes in, to offer a real helping hand.  We can help and advise how to get your systems operational.

Your data is safe with us, for all our clients included within the contract, is a secondary backup, which we take and store on our servers. It is usually easier for us to remotely return the file(s) from our system than from most tape backup systems.

We can provide help to each of your staff, helping them get the most out of the computer system. We provide help to your integration with other systems. Even work with you hand-in-hand to develop new systems, as required.

Where possible most problems can be handled remotely, this saves call-out fee's and the time involved for traveling. Each clients system will have access to the 1st Line Support Intranet, where incidents can be logged and checked. Monthly reports are provided so that trends can be seen when problems occur regularly.

You also get 1 hour per machine of 1st Line Support time during a month. This is used partly to run updates on our system, usually overnight.
The remainder wail be available to be used to train staff, develop systems and administer your system and it's development.

Need a Troubleshooter to resolve an issue on your system? One off calls, to resolve issues at half day rate, £250

If you require installation services, follow the link

Fixed rate £80 per hour on-site  Free call-out in BH area, otherwise call-out fee from £30 per hour of travel
Half-day £250
Full-day £600
Remote support £60 per hour, charged at 15 minute intervals (This may include solving you problem purely by phone).

Contracts based on £35 per workstation, £70 per server per month, free full support and one hour per month per machine of project development time. We also provide secondary backup, so we ensure there is ore than one backup of your system.

NB. Please note cheque payments incur a £5 fee.

Other services

Installation Service
Installation Service, 1st Line Support. The Computer Man, driver database, installing, installations, roll out, roll-out, computer installation service

Apple Support
Apple, OSX, OS X, OS9, OS 9, Remote support, Macintosh, ipod, iphone,, tablet, BSD, behind the scenes

IT Infrastructure Solutions
We provide long term solutions to your IT infrastructure, some of ours systems are nearly 25 years old

Virtualization from 1st Line Support

Server Support
From Microsoft, Apple or Linux servers, we support them all, from single to multi-domain infrastructure, we are here to help


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1st Line Support
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