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When your IT requirements let you down, this means you need to improve your IT Infrastructure, then you need someone with a good proven track record.
We have been involved in building and maintaining systems infrastructure since the early 80s.

In the early 90s we developed a long term solution for a client, to last a minimum of 10 years, 25 years later, the system is still in use and simply a replacement system, even with today's tech would be difficult and expensive.

In working for a company, we have the opportunity to go to Germany and show off our skills, only to be called back, because of our understanding and efficiency.

With good understanding of all systems, working for another client, cleared a three month backlog of support calls in one day, wining the company another contract.

Ahead of the game, with the recent cyber attack on TalkTalk, we have put out an advisory for everyone, to ensure their client data is not on their web server. We developed a multi-step system to ensure a customers data was held locally with only the required information to be ported to the website, this was 15 years ago and the system is still working today and will prevent 99% of cyber attacks.

If you have an Infrastructure project, involving VPN's, Routers, Switches or Servers, you need someone with the skills, knowledge and understanding, we are here to help.

Other services

Installation Service
Installation Service, 1st Line Support. The Computer Man, driver database, installing, installations, roll out, roll-out, computer installation service

Apple Support
Apple, OSX, OS X, OS9, OS 9, Remote support, Macintosh, ipod, iphone,, tablet, BSD, behind the scenes

Outsourcing Suuport and Helpdesk functions, to save you the effort and provide you great levels of service and support

Virtualization from 1st Line Support

Server Support
From Microsoft, Apple or Linux servers, we support them all, from single to multi-domain infrastructure, we are here to help


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