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Fed-up with Windows, now the time to give Chrome OS Flex a go. You can trial the system before you install, to make sure everything works.

Things to bear in mind before doing you Chrome OS Flex update:-

Ensure you have a good backup of your system, recovery disks and especially your data. We usually recommend putting a copy of your data on a USB stick.

A 2nd USB stick is needed for Chrome OS Flex of at least 8GB.

The download of Chrome OS Flex takes about 30 minutes, once the trial has been tested on the machine, a further 10 minutes to install the system. Then restore your data from the 1st USB stick.

We charge £60 for the above setup and installation, however, it the trial fails on your hardware, we do not charge.

Ensure you have our number to hand, before moving on to next step, just in case

This service is provided remotely, on site would be charged at £120 per hour

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