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A next-generation broadband speed test that runs on all platforms (Mobile Phone, Tablet & Desktop) & all major OS, iOs, Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc.
It has been evaluated by the BBC & is linked to from their iPlayer pages on the BBC website - also from a number of ISP's & local council websites. Several computer support companies either link to the speed test from their website or actually feature the speed test (via an embed) on their website.
In these lockdown times with so many people working from home being able to accurately measure broadband speeds we feel is important. We ran over 1.5 million speed tests in 2020.

The only address level accurate Broadband Comparison Service in the UK. All the other broadband comparison service services (eg Uswitch, Compare The Market, etc. etc) operate at a postcode level & the available speeds can vary greatly across the postcode. This leads to users being routinely offered deals they cannot get & they only find out that they cannot get the speeds advertised when they are almost all the way through the purchasing user journey - which we think is a bad customer experience. So via partnerships with Ofcom, Openreach & other ISPs we only offer speeds that are actually achievable at the user''s address.

Please Note:- The checks on this page are by BroadbandUK

We also hightly recommend scanning your external ports, with Steve Gibson's Shields UP

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