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blog @ 1ls.co.uk (Jon Tucker) said on the Tue, 2012-08-14 19:08:04

When is it a good time to run Check Disk

When was the last time you ran Check Disk, manufacturers recommend that you consider running it every 4 weeks. So, when did you last check yours? If you are on Windows, you need to go to Windows Explorer, look at the Disk on your machine and press the right mouse button, then select properties, then select the Tools tab, the top button is Check Disk, click this, then select both tick boxes and click Start, you maybe asked if you wish to run the check after the next reboot, select Yes. Now reboot your machine. If you are on an Apple Mac, you need to go to Finder, select Application, and then Utilities. Now look for Disk Utility and double click this, select your drive in the list on the left. Then you should Verify your permissions and repair if need. Then verify your disk and repair if required. Disk checking can take some time and you should not run any software during this process.
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