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blog @ 1ls.co.uk (Jon Tucker) said on the 2020-05-24 09:03:45

Is 5G safe

One of my clients, had been listening to David Ike and was worried that 5G was the cause of all sorts of problems. When he mentioned this to me, I laughed at him. He asked why I was laughing, I explained that 5G was not the threat that he was posing, but 3/4G were! In fact, no mobile device should be within 15 millimeters of your skin, so holding your phone up to your head, is far worse.

So, 5G simply cannot penetrate glass, walls or even skin, in fact, it uses the reflectivity to its advantage, to bounce the signal around corners.

There are three levels of frequencies used in 5G, low frequency (USA), medium frequency (Europe) and high frequency, used everywhere. Now as with current Microwave technology, it is not advised to stand in front of the signal generated, this is the same as the high frequency for 5G, which is only used for transmitter to transmitter communications. The two lower levels are used at the ground level of getting the signal to your devices. Also the directionality of the 5G signal, again only works on these lower levels of the 5G frequency range. There is no need to have these arrays on the high frequency, since transmitters do not move locations. And yes the bandwidth has been tested by the military for crowd control, but again, they have a big dish they move and control, if you start moving 5G transmitters, they will stop working!

As for the power of these low level frequency, this is what made me laugh about my clients point, I asked him to see how many signal bars his 4G phone had, he said 4 bars. So to get the signal to his phone, inside his house, they had to increase the signal strength at the transmitter to get it to his phone, so if he were to walk up to that transmitter, then for sure, the power in that signal would be a worry.

If you are not sure about 5G or are worried about its affects, then ask people that actually work in the industry, not someone, looking in from the sidelines.

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