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blog @ 1ls.co.uk (Jon Tucker) said on the 2015-10-24 12:13:12

Cyber crime at TalkTalk

With the recent events with TalkTalk allowing their client data to be downloaded, off-site. It just goes to show, if you are responsible for your client data, then do not hold it on your web server. Your systems designer should be able to point out many reasons for not holding the data in this manor, the main reason is security, if your data in on the same server, you really should consider changing suppliers and get it right.

This also shows that getting Web Designers, who maybe be able to make the site look and feel good, but they lack the background skills of Web Developers, who would create a secure back-end system, to work along side the frond-end Web Designers.

As for the News reports with Government talking about computer security issues, which they don't really understand! Makes them look clever if you don't know, but silly if you do.

And as for the Cyber Security Experts (where do they get these guys from?), oh that's it, they know how to get around the Dark Web, so what, so can anyone, what makes them experts, years of being in the front line of Cyber Crime? No, just the fact they are down the road, in London.

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