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Application and Desktop Support - just when you are scratching your head wondering how to do this impossible task in Word, Excel or Access or almost any other product, help is at hand. We can simply remotely connect to your machine and provide you guidance to resolving your problem.
We also provide a Tech Talk service, whereby we talk to your application's service provider and lead our years of experience and understand of systems to yours. We can ask the right questions to get results.

You don't even have to wait for an engineer to come around and charge you the earth, the simple solution is usually the best and cheapest. Click on Control, download and open it, extract the files and folder, double click install.bat, click Yes when prompted, your machine will connect itself to ours and within seconds you can find the answer to all your queries.

We can also provide third level support for Network Managers and Technical support teams, who after trying to resolve problems, just need someone else to have a look and see if they are missing the obvious.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, available, we are sure we can provide you the best help you need, right now and in the future.

Other services

Business Computer Support
Business Computer Support. Preventative maintenance for your business computers, ensuring your machines working for you, rather than against you

Home Computer Support
Preventative maintenance for your home computer, ensuring your computer works for you, rather than it against you, from £15 per month

Small Business Computer Support
Home Office or Small Business Computer Support. Preventive maintenance for your homne office computer, ensuring your machine works for you, rather than against you

Mobile Networking
Support for smartphone and mobile internet access, connectivity to your computer, anti-virus and other apps, all your mobile needs

Home Entertainment Support
We can help provide your home entertainment systems, ensuring you get the best out of your equipment. We can recommend, install and maintain your equipment

Tech Talk
We can help with with technical jargon and the best out of your service provider

ISP Support
We can help you with your ISP or ASP, we can talk the tech, on your behave

VMWare specialists - 1st Line Support (1ls)

Home Technical Support
Home Technical Support for your (IOT) electrical devices around the home

One time Computer Support Service
If your machine is running slow, this is the solution, a one time computer support service

Linux Support
We provide Linux support, whichever distribution you use

Microsoft Support
We have been looking after Microsoft products, we look after a full range of their products, from mobile, workstation to servers

Toshiba Computer Support
We provide computer support on your Toshiba laptop or desktop

Dell Computer Support
We provide computer support on your Dell Computer equipment as a Dell Registered Expert

HP Computer Support
If you have HP equipment we can provide help and support

Lotus Notes and Domino Server Support
We provide Lotus Notes and Domino Server Support

Microsoft Exchange Support
We provide Microsoft Exchange Support

YouTube Content Creator Technical Support
If you run a YouTube Channel, the last thing you probably want, technical difficulties, so let us help you

Network Support
Providing the best networking support, in the UK

Virtualization from 1st Line Support

Server Support
From Microsoft, Apple or Linux servers, we support them all, from single to multi-domain infrastructure, we are here to help


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1st Line Support
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