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Apple Macintosh computers are supported by 1st Line Support, in-fact half our clients use them, so it shows how users are becoming more aware of there usefulness.
We have Apple experience dating back to the Apple IIe, showing others the more advanced features available.

But recently, Malware is being designed to attack the Mac. Be prepared. You are no longer safe, as you were before.

We can show you how the back-end of your machine, based on BSD, can be used to do some really cool tricks.
Networking specialist, cross platform integration.We can help that Apple, taste sweeter than ever.

We can even help you with iPad, iPhone/Itouch and iPod devices.

Malware warning :
If you use iChat be warned you could be in for a shock, OSX/Leap-A has been discovered, spreading itself by the iChat client. If you find a file on your system called latestpics.tgz after having been on iChat then be very careful.
You can obtain ClamAv for a free download Clam

Other services

Installation Service
Installation Service, 1st Line Support. The Computer Man, driver database, installing, installations, roll out, roll-out, computer installation service

Outsourcing Suuport and Helpdesk functions, to save you the effort and provide you great levels of service and support

IT Infrastructure Solutions
We provide long term solutions to your IT infrastructure, some of ours systems are nearly 25 years old

Virtualization from 1st Line Support

Server Support
From Microsoft, Apple or Linux servers, we support them all, from single to multi-domain infrastructure, we are here to help


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