Windows 10 Upgrade Service from 1st Line Support

Support when you need IT

We can help you upgrade your current system to Windows 10.

You should always have a good backup of your important data, especially before such an upgrade.

To start with, we will ensure your machine is Virus and Malware free, ensure Windows is fully up to date and that you are ready for the update.

Once we have checked your machine as above, we will help download and install Windows 10.

Once installed, we will ensure all the necessary updates to your device drivers are put in place.

We can then check that Windows 10 updates are installed correctly.

We can then give you a tour of your new system.

When you get stuck and are not sure what to do, we are a click away, to solve your problem.

This service is provided remotely. We do not load software that would allow access to your machine, only you can connect your machine to us.

This offer is no longer available.
If you have a problem with installing Windows 10 and just need some advise, why not ask us via our Forum


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