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If you use this site/service you accept the following:-

Where possible, you will allow the operator to take control of your machine, to aid you. You may disconnect at anytime, but work will still be chargeable, so you may as well allow 1st Line Support to finish the work.

We use the following software to aid in working on your machine, where possible it is removed from your machine on completion of the job and payment:-


Pay the bill if you are happy with the work on receipt, please notify by email complaints@1ls.co.uk if you are un-happy with the service you have had.

If you call out, 1st Line Support and you have offered the work out to another service provider, you will be charged a attendance call-out fee of £30.

Please note: If we provide you 'mates rates' these are only available if you pay your bill within the first 7 days from the invoice date


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