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Cooler Master MasterPulse MH320 Gaming Headset
Cooler Master MasterPulse MH320 Gaming Headset
Manufacturer : COOLER MASTER
Manufacturer Part Code : MH-320

Category : Speakers - Headsets
Weight: 0.60 kgs
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Features :

Make your voice heard on the battlefield with the MH320 Gaming Headset. With a steel frame construction, this headset is built to last. The addition of a self-adjusting headband and ultra-soft leather earcups allows for premium comfort no matter your head size. And a bi-directional boom microphone gives you crystal clear audio with none of the background noise, so your entire squad can hear your passionate battlecry as you take the last control point or bombsite. The MH320 Gaming Headset is the definition of quality gear.

We took no shortcuts with the MH320, and thats true right down to its construction. The headband is made of durable, flexible steel instead of wimpy, brittle plastic. It comes with a self-adjusting hammock so no matter the size of your head, you can wear these comfortably.

The MH320 is designed to amplify your voice - not the annoying sounds around you. We didn¡¯t skimp on the mic, utilizing a sensitive, high-quality boom microphone that¡¯s built for ragers, mumblers, screamers, and everything in-between. If that weren¡¯t enough, a bi-directional capsule boosts your mic clarity and sensitivity while minimizing background noise. Trash talking has never sounded so good.

When we say we didn¡¯t skimp, we mean it, and it shows even in our earcups. The MH320 features a closed-back design to get you sucked into the wide world of gaming, and enhances that with ultra soft, smooth like-butter earcups so you¡¯ll never want to leave.

No more fiddling with keyboard controls or desktop toggles - with controls right on the cable, it¡¯s never been easier to mute yourself when your mom or significant other walks in yelling that your dinner's getting cold.

Product Name
MasterPulse MH320

Model Number

Driver Diameter

Frequency Response


Sensitivities (@1KHz)
120dB ¡¾ 3dB


Cable Length

Dual 3.5mm gold-plated headphone jack

Headband Material
Steel headband, PU leather and foam cushion

Ear Cushion Material
PU Leather and foam cushion

Pick-up Pattern

Frequency Response

Sensitivity (@ 1KHz)
-34 ¡¾ 3dB

Signal to Noise Ratio

Microphone Type
Fold-away flexible boom microphone

Control Box
Volume Control

Microphone Control
Mute Switch

Dimensions ( W x H x D )
190 x 202 x 96 mm

325 g

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