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Target RGB Fan Hub with Remote
Target RGB Fan Hub with Remote
Manufacturer : White Label
Manufacturer Part Code : RGB HUB

Category : Case Lighting
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Features :

The RGB controller allows for stunning lighting effects and easy connection to your system. With the Aura compatibility, this allows for connection directly to your Aura compatible motherboard, allowing for your motherboard software to control the effects of your system lighting. For non Aura compatible boards you are able to control the effect with the IR remote that comes with the RGB controller. With support of up to 8 compatible RGB fans and up to 2 compatible RGB LED strips, this allows you to light up your computer to suit your style. With the 4 pin Molex connector, this RGB controller can be easily connected either during a system build or addded to an existing system.

The effect that are available via the remote control are:
- Static Colour: 7 colours (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan and White)
- Static Colour Breath Effect: A choice of the colours above, with the lighting fading in and out
- Colour Cycle: Cycling between all the colours without the fade effect.
- RGB Cycle: Cycle through Red, Green and Blue.
- 7 Colour Cycle: As above, but cycling through seven different colours.
- RGB Breath Cycle: As the RGB cycle but fading in and out between colours.
- 7 colour Breath Cycle: As 7 Colour cycle but fading in and out between colours.

Key Features
- RGB Hub: Fan LED Control System.
- Remote Controller: Remote control included for fan speed and lighting.
- Fans & LED Strips: 10 connection points allow you to connect 8 fans and 2 LED strips.
- Aura Compatible: Aura compatible allows you to control your lighting of Aura-enabled products, these include motherboards & graphic cards.
- Connectors: The RGB fan controller comes with 1 x 4pin Molex, 1 x IR Sensor and 1 x Aura connector.
- Output Current: 3A
- RGB Mystic Light Sync: With the convenience of Mystic Light Sync, you can control RGB LED solutions to customise your computer lighting from other supported peripherals, such as RGB CPU/System Coolers, Memory Modules, Cases, HDDs, Keyboards, Mice, Mouse Pads, Headsets and LED Strips.
Please Note - That the unit dimensions shown are for the RGB Hub.

Fan Support
Up to 8 compatible RGB fans

LED Strip Support
Up to 2 compatible RGB LED strips

Aura Compatibility
Cable included to allow connection direct to a Aura compatible motherboard


What's In The Box
RGB Fan Controller
Remote Controller

Unit Dimensions ( W x H x D )
86 x 45 x 10 mm

Packaging Dimensions ( W x H x D )
130 x 96 x 25 mm

Net: 0.073 KGs
Gross: 0.088 KGs

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