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Akasa AK-455 1.5g Syringe (Grey) Thermal Compound
Akasa AK-455 1.5g Syringe (Grey) Thermal Compound
Manufacturer : AKASA
Manufacturer Part Code : AK-455

Category : Thermal Paste & Cleaner
Weight: 0.10 kgs
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Features :

AK-455 is a new improved formulated thermal compound that gives hi-performance heat transfer between the CPU and heatsink. Minimised resistance and maximised efficiency truly enables you to get more from your cooler. Easy to use. RoHS compliant.

- Hi-performance heat transfer between the CPU and heatsink
- Maximum thermal conductivity 2.4W/mK
- RoHS Compliant



Thermal Conductivity
2.4 W/mK


Operating Temperature
-50°C - 240°C

76 cPs

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