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Krusell Ystad Universal Briefcase for up to 16" Laptops Black
Krusell Ystad Universal Briefcase for up to 16" Laptops Black
Manufacturer : White Label
Manufacturer Part Code : KR71266

Category : Laptops - Carry Cases
Weight: 0.90 kgs
Price : £ 13.38 + £ 4.95 Postage per Order (UK)We only supply to the UK
Items in Stock : 173
First seen: 2019-04-19 18:05:02

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Features :

Krusell, the Swedish design company, are renowned for their craftsmanship and quality. Their innovative and user friendly cases are made from high quality materials so you can carry your laptop or tablet with ease and style.

Classic inspiration with contemporary design to define a new formal business style. The Krusell Ystad laptop bag will be a man or woman's best friend in the boardroom. Match the bag to the suit and see the effect that your style will have.

Since 1991, Krusell is setting standards in terms of accuracy of fit, workmanship and comfort. Every single case is lavishly handcrafted and its quality is controlled permanently. Flawless material that is free of toxic substances is used exclusively to meet highest demands. Krusell is one of the leading producers of high quality cases world-wide.

Well-made, laptop bag in stylish colour
Pockets for files, papers and pens
Inside padded laptop compartment
Adjustable shoulder strap with anti-glide rubber
Leather-feel material

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