Cyber Security from 1st Line Support

Support when you need IT

We provide the best cyber security services for many clients, due to the type of service this is, we can only provide limited information, but we provide help and advise in the following areas:-

Computer Security
Cyber Security
Password Security
Network Security
Internet Security
Physical Security
Pen Testing
Video Security

We have years of experience and knowledge, you can rely on.
You are simply safer with us.

One thing to think of, is that at the end of the day, you have to trust someone. So why not trust someone that actually truly understands what data is, especially yours and a with proven track record, ensuring everyone's data we've dealt with over the years.

Other services

Video Security
We can help you setup and maintain your video security systems. We can even help monitor them for you.

Bullguard Internet Security, one of the best solutions for your Anti- needs. The basics to making it work.

Virtualization from 1st Line Support

Server Support
From Microsoft, Apple or Linux servers, we support them all, from single to multi-domain infrastructure, we are here to help


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