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blog @ 1ls.co.uk (Jon Tucker) said on the 2015-11-16 13:33:12

Mumsnet recent hack

Mumsnet was hacked on 11th August 2015, users are reminded to change their passwords, if they haven't already.

Many users may still be concerned about their own systems, for instance, if they are seeing 'pop-ups' or when they request one site, they get another.

At 1st Line Support, we provide a cheap remote support service, saving time and money, but also increasing your personal security, by not visiting you at home. Some people are concerned about remote support, but hackers wouldn't bother with this type of connection, when 'bots' (robots) are available that mean you can control the machine, without connecting to it, which would let the user know that they have been hacked.

Our service, usually, takes 2 hours and is for a one time service of £45 or simply £15 per month, minimum 3 months on contract. Further, discounts on the monthly contract can be applied. For each sign up for the Home Computer Support scheme, you get £5 off per month

1st Line Support has been providing world-wide support for 9 years, from clients in the Shetland Inlands and Belfast to London and Cornwall plus anyone who travels aboard.

If you want to 'do it yourself', there is nothing like having a helping hand, having 1st Line Support in the background for helping guide you though sorting out your machine, with free helpful advice.

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