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blog @ 1ls.co.uk (Jon Tucker) said on the 2018-05-14 15:53:45

Hacking attempts

We have started to monitor the number of hacking attempts on our servers.
There are many types of hacks, one of the worst is attempts on WordPress, which is funny as none of my clients used that product.

The attempts to the server, usually are attempts to access the server directly via Secure Shell, which would give the most access, there are usually over 50 attempts a day, but we do not use the port they are trying, so they get automatically blocked.

The following list are estimated attempts per country:-

DE (Germany) 142
DK (Denmark) 139
FR (France) 43
CN (China) 34
ME (Mexico) 30
RU (Russia) 24
RO (Romania) 22
IN (India) 20

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it can be easily seen who are the worst offenders.

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