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1st Line Support have developed a new web based generation system, called Bespoke

This system is written in PHP and MySQL and a one page intelligent template, which can be purchased externally or designed by ourselves.

We can do all the tricks of the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Durpal and even Zen Cart, since we provide a blog and sales operation or picture gallery, within the product.

Tests have shown, that not only is the code a thousand times smaller, therefore, far quicker, but the entire site gains performance increase never seen on the other products.
As an example and thanks to WebWiki for this:-

Generator: Bespoke
Load time: 0.06 seconds (faster than 99 % of all websites)

A new feature just added to Bespoke! is automatic highlighting of the keywords on the page.

Other services

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Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Administration, Web SEO, we can help you with getting out there

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