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So you have a nicely designed website but it's not doing the pulling in of clients you need? You can pay to get your name a the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, ... etc. but are less likely to be clicked on. We can provide you with the tools for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but also the underlying design, which helps rank your site above others, we call this Web Dressing.

We will show you the easy way of setting up your site, with simple modifications to your current site.
Be at the top of your own carefully selected categories, after all, you know your business and your clients. You have the best idea of how clients will find you.

Working together to setup your site, later during the process, you will have tools to monitor what is actually happening with your site, but have been taught how to use the site, to your benefit.

Price for Web Dressing is £60 per month for for three months. This includes working with you to setup the site as some changes will be needed to be made to your industries requirements.

We also now can provide Web hosting service, from £100 per year.

W3c Validation is important to ensure your site runs smoothly, when requests are made of it, check Bespoke's validation 1st Line Support Web Validation. How does yours compare?

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