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This is not like other support offerings, where they wait for you to have a problem, we act monthly, using remote support, so you don't have them in the first place.Ensuring your computer works for you, rather than it against you.

Home Computer Support Package can provide you a monthly service on your computer, which will keep it running and updated so that it doesn't get in a mess! This is known as preventative maintenance. Now with SysAid to help you during the month, ensuring we are notified as to any changes that occur during the month or indeed getting error reports for your machine, when the problems occur, rather than waiting for you to have a problem and it get worse, before it is fixed, as most companies do.

We can provide help and support to you, as you use your machine and provide update service, ensuring that your machine is up-to-date, with all the latest drivers and software that you use. This way you don't have to run all the updater's all the time, increasing the overall speed of your machine.

The price for this service is £15 per month, we will provide you an roughly an hour per month for updates for your system and a reduced price of £15 per hour for any extra work required, during the month. (Remote support price). On-site support would be £20  per hour.

We will also ensure your Anti-Virus software is up-to-date and scanning correctly.

This is based on remote support, on-site will be charged at £20 per hour or extra £15 per hour of remote support, out with the normal contract.

Second/Third machine charged at £10 per month each.

We also provide Desktop support and Application support, so even when Facebook games fail you we can help.

Tell your friends and get £5 discount per friend, that uses this offer. So get three friends and your service is FREE!  (For single machine contract)

Minimum period of contract is three months

Opening hours from 9am to 11pm, open weekends and evenings for your computer support

Jon Tucker owns and runs 1st Line Support
Download our information leaflet

We are now offering a better solution, we will monitor your machine real time, just like in a corporate company, using SysAid software. We will get error and warning messages from your machine and be able to fix most of these problems without having to connect to your machine directly. This service starts at £25 per machine and a second machine for £15.
Home Computer Support scheme can help you get the most out of your computer, by allowing your machine to run at its best, just a call away, 1st Line Support is available evening and weekends, as well.


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1st Line Support
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Description : Preventative maintenance for your home computer, ensuring your computer works for you, rather than it against you, from £15 per month, with discounts you could get this for Free
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