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Support when you need IT

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Support when you need IT

We are here to help, call 01202 497986 now.

Good business starts here, and ultimately costs less.

Now you have found us, let us help you make your computer better than before, have a chat now and see what we can do for you. We provide remote technical computer support, to all levels, from someone trusted to provide the best solution, for more than 35 years, around the world.
It's more of a new experience when dealing with 1st Line Support, not afraid to show you how it's done, safe-guarding you from the Internet, as a Cyber Security Expert or just someone to ask and get an understandable answer. Remote PC repair specialist.

We can also provide you web hosting, development (PHP, WordPress, Joomla, etc), SEO and much more, with our extensive knowledge.

We provide three levels of supporting your computer, Home, Small Business, or Business support, non-contract or contracted or try our One time Computer Support Service

We also provide the following IT support services:-
Tech Talk where we talk to your service providers for you
Cyber Security
Remote Virus removal
Data Recovery

"I need help with my computer" or "My computer doesn't work" or "I think my machine, has a virus" and "You've saved me in minutes, what would have taken me hours!", are common phrases that we hear.

When you need computer help 1st Line Support is here for you. Would you like a better experience when using a computer, give Jon a call and you will find someone you can talk to and get real solutions and answers to your problems.
If you have a problem with your technology right now, then call Jon on one of the local numbers, via text or Skype (jontucker). We can provide an on-site service if required.
We can provide help on Microsoft, Linux and Apple Mac platforms, even iPhone and Android from our mobile networking resources. VMware system and other more advanced systems.
Small Business Specialist.

Remote PC repair specialist We can even phone you back FREE to any landline or mobile, if you're in a contract with us.
br> Home PC support package ideal for the home user or student, preventative maintenance for your machine and Home Entertainment Support if you have technical problems with a new SmartTV system and are having wiring, tuning problems or indeed if it is based on a computer.
Remote IT and PC Support & Repair, we also provide Application and Desktop support £15 per 15 minutes.

If however, you would like to look at Computer Maintenance Out sourcing your PC support via our IT Helpdesk, for contract information or if you have a system that requires to be built or developed.

If your in Education, College, University or a student, get 20% off.
Join The Digital Britain, call today 07812 587233

Problem with a device driver? | Need to check your machine for Viruses or Malware? | Need to find that lost file? | Need to make the machine work, again? | Got your new piece of hardware, but it doesn't work! | Wireless stopped working? | Need help to set-up your Internet Broadband? | Having problems with your network? | Having problems with your servers? | Want to make the best use from Office productivity tools | Just want to talk to someone, about the problem? | My computer has stopped working | Who can I call to support my computer? IT support for all PC's and their users.

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